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Ruby Automation is one of the best quality Mica Band Heater Manufacturers. Ruby Automation also engaged in manufacturing & supplying excellent quality Mica Band Heater. These dies also designed as per the requirements of our clients according to the usage of their GSM of the paper

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Heater bands are metal filaments encased during a protective covering that converts electricity into heat. this handy heat is then transferred during a controlled method to a different object through convection or conduction. Convection is when a component doesn't need to be in touch with the thing it's heating. Conduction is where the heater band directly contacts the thing it's heating. Mica Band Heater Manufacturers. In the industry, the mica band heater provides a way of applying heat to any cylindrical machine part, mostly the barrel, end cap, or nozzle of plastic molding equipment. they're conductive heaters providing thermal conductivity to the surface steel surface. the warmth transfer from the mica band to the barrel plays a serious role in determining the heater life also because of the efficiency of converting electricity into heat for the barrel. The mica heater band is meant and constructed for long, efficient service. the development design and materials utilized in mica band heaters have demonstrated achievement of the required long service life for top productivity of plastic molding and extruding machines.

Specifying Mica Band Heaters

Important parameters to think about when specifying band heaters are maximum operating or sheath temperature, AC voltage required, and watts. electric power is measured in watts. the utmost operating temperature is that the maximum temperature that the sheath covering the heater may reach. the utmost sheath temperature doesn't represent the utmost temperature that a heated substance may reach. AC voltage required represents the minimum AC Voltage required to work the heater. Watts represents the utmost wattage available from the heater. Important dimensions to think about for band heaters are within the diameter of the band, the width of the band, and therefore the thickness of the band. The heater inside diameter should be an equivalent size because the outside diameter of the heater cylinder to be heated. Mica Band Heater Manufacturers & Mica Band Heater Suppliers.


Mica is employed to insulating the resistance ribbon from shorting out against the outer steel sheath. Mica Band Heater Manufacturers. Mica is employed because it provides good thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. It can withstand voltage spikes, resist moisture, and is flexible enough to evolve to the curvatures of plastic molding machine barrels. Since mica is additionally a heat insulator, only top-grade mica, which is inorganic, has high-temperature stability and is “paper thin” is employed. This “paper-thin” characteristic enables a fast transfer of warmth through the mica to the surface steel sheath, thus transferring the warmth faraway from the hotdog internal resistance ribbon winding.

The four basic parts or components of a heater are the resistance element, the insulation, the sheath, and therefore the termination. The resistance element is the “heart” of an electrical heater. The resistance element is typically within the sort of a little diameter, metal alloy wire, or flat, thin ribbon. When a heater is connected to an electrical power supply (Voltage) or electricity flows through the resistance wire. The wire resists the flow of electrical current through it, and this converts electricity into heat, causing the resistance element to urge extremely popular. that's how heat is generated in an electrical heater.